JBT - Junior Basic Training is the brainchild of the education dept of the government of India with a view to developing skills in JBT teacher training so that the all round development of children viz intellectual, physical and emotional could be catered to by their mentors. The course is tailored for teachers who would be inculcating all the education values from the JBT course especially to the target group viz. children in the junior group.

The JBT teacher training course is of two year duration and admission to the course is subject to entrance test. While the government institutes in the different states of India conduct the Junior Basic Training Course other private institutions also conduct the same. Hence JBT courses are also offered in Delhi, in Jammu Himachal Pradesh, in Gwalior and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.


Students all over India are increasingly looking for opportunities to improve their skills due to the demand for trained professionals in the academic sectors. With the rise in demand for JBT Course several JBT institutes offer JBT teacher training opportunities in their institute.

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